Here at M.E.M. we pride ourselves on giving our customers the quality and care they need.

If you have worked with us and would like to share your experience please email us your testimonial.

“We used M.E.M. for three small projects this last year and couldn’t be happier with the results. All three were small jobs and we knew we would wait for them to find time between bigger projects, but when Mark said workers would arrive, they were right there. Every employee was hard working and very courteous and the end result was just what we wanted.

The last project involved pouring a concrete slab and the afternoon temperature was not allowing it to be finished to their satisfaction. They chose to stay (it ended up being after midnight), waiting for the right moment to put the finish on the slab.

This was above and beyond our expectations, especially on a flat quote job.

We heartily recommend M.E.M.”

Richard and Alayne Goodhart

“M.E.M. has helped us with several projects over the years including removing downed trees and stumps, managing big burn piles in the winter, contouring the landscape, and moving large boulders.  They have the equipment to do about any job imaginable and the dependable manpower to accomplish tasks with care and professionalism. 

Our experience with M.E.M. has been very positive and we are comfortable recommending them.”        

Helen and Dave Mandley

“We have used MEM for three different projects over the past five years. Working with MEM was a good experience and we would not hesitate to use them again. They produced everything promised and did it on time and within budget. There was great communication at all stages of the three different projects we used them on. No shortcuts, they do it right. They may not be the low bidder, but once engaged MEM will follow through on every detail. All of the MEM staff were professional, efficient, and friendly. The follow-up has been excellent too; Mark personally called or came by to review the job about a month after each completion.

Our road association has also employed MEM with equal satisfaction.”

Jack and Stephanie Picconi
Hannah Road, San Juan Island

“We have lived in the San Juans for several years and have had several small projects that required some help – the older we get, the more help we need – and Mark E and the entire staff of MEM have always been there for us. Whether it’s a crane to move a shed, site clearing, excavation and foundation work, or septic system installation, they have done an excellent job. They always seem to have the right piece of equipment with very competent and kind people to operate it.

We can only imagine the scheduling nightmare of trying to accommodate so many varied jobs on our small island, but MEM has always found a way to get things accomplished. If a job wasn’t time-critical, they scheduled as they could (showing up when they said) but if there was some kind of emergency, they seemed to find a way to be there and get it done right away.

An amazingly wonderful staff, more equipment than you’d expect, and an owner who obviously cares about his community – we heartily recommend MEM.”

Two old people building too many things –
Rich and Alayne Goodhart

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